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Sud-Concept has been an official distributor of Solmetic products since 2005

Sud-Concept distributes solar test and measurement equipment and solar design software such as the SunEye-210, and the PV Analyzer.

Our mission is to allow you to have the highest possible return on investment.

Company background

Expert Tools. Better solar.

Solmetric was founded in 2005. Our background includes extensive experience in the solar installation industry and in the development of high precision test and measurement tools.

Solmetric’s award-winning SunEye is the de facto industry standard for shade analysis. Our PV Analyzer is the leading US I-V curve tracer used for field verification applications such as commissioning, auditing, and troubleshooting of PV arrays.

Our different products

  • SunEye 210 Shade Tool
  • PV Analyzer
  • FLIR Thermal Imaging

Welcome to Solmetric

Solmetric is distributed exclusively by Sud-Concept

Our products


Solmetric_france SunEye-210

Professional Site Evaluation

The patented SunEye-210 is the world-leading shade measurement tool for solar site assessment. This hand-held electronic tool measures the available solar energy by day, month, and year with the press of a button by determining the shading patterns of a particular site. The SunEye® enables the best solar designs and the highest ROI for solar professionals and their customers. It helps win competitive bids, saves time and money, and gives confidence in performance guarantees. The award-winning SunEye incorporates a calibrated fisheye camera, electronic compass, tilt sensor, and GPS to give immediate measurements in the field. The one-handed operation, rugged enclosure, and outdoor readable display make it a reliable partner in the field. The Suneye-210 now includes a lifetime license for the PV Designer software, enabling you to import shade measurements, select modules and inverters, layout modules, simulate kWh production, and generate PDF reports. SunEye User


Extension Platform: make measurements from the ground. Great for the occasional inaccessible roof, wet or icy conditions, or for future construction of buildings or canopies. Solmetric Certified Shade Training: online, interactive course that trains the student on best practices in the use of the SunEye and shade analysis. Purchase with a SunEye-210 and receive a 16% bundle discount (normally $179). Hard Carrying Case: The SunEye-210 comes standard with a rugged, padded pouch with a belt loop. This option adds a hard-sided carrying case that includes cutouts for SunEye-210, magnetic shielding for the compass, and a pressure release valve for air travel. Download SunEye data sheet
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Solmetric_france PV Analyzer IV

The Solmetric line of PV Analyzer IV is widely used in commissioning, auditing, operation and maintenance and troubleshooting of PV systems. Features include the highest measurement throughput (measurements per hour), the most reliable Go / No Go testing, and the largest user interface with the clearest visualization of performance issues. The new PVA-1000S with SolSensor extends the PVA voltage range to 1000V and provides industry-leading accuracy for IV curve, irradiance and temperature measurement. Wireless range SolSensor 300 feet allows you to further measure your system with a single sensor deployment.

Features include:

  • Highest accuracy and measurement throughput (measurements per hour)
  • Largest display with best array troubleshooting features
  • Database of 70,000 PV modules
  • Measures up to 1500V at 30A*
  • 300 foot wireless sensor range


PV Analyzer Models PVA-1000S PVA-1500 V3
PV Voltage Range 0 - 1000 V CC 0 - 1500 V CC
Current Range 0-20A DC (standard) * 0-30A DC (optional) * 0 - 30 A CC *
Voltage Accuracy +/- 0,5% +/- 0,25 V +/- 0,5% +/- 0,25 V
Current Accuracy +/- 0,5% +/- 40mA +/- 0,5% +/- 40mA
I-V Trace Points 100 or 500 100 or 500
Wireless Sensor SolSensor SolSensor
Wireless Sensor Range 300 ft 300 ft
Irradiance Accuracy +/- 2% (typical) +/- 2% (typical)
Interface to tablet or laptop Wireless USB dongle (included) WiFi
Misc Charging/charged LED, in-the-field firmware update ready


Below is a summary of the resources available for more information. Click on the links below or on the drop-down from the Support tab. If you don't see what you need here, please contact our support team:

  • Email us at:
  • Call us toll free at: +33 (0)4 90 83 63 29 (Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Pacific Standard Time)
  • Terms for support and repairs

Knowledge Base/FAQ Try our searchable Solmetric Knowledge Base. Includes common FAQ for Solmetric products.
Downloads Get the latest Software and Documentation for SunEye device, SunEye Desktop software, PV Designer, and PV Analyzer from the Downloads page.
Events to come Trade fairs and events where you can meet representatives of Solmetric.
Webinars Sign up for one of our free Webinars.
Informational Videos Get visual training on products, applications, and operation.
Newsletters/App Notes Get background and application hints as well as the latest newsletters from Solmetric.
Roof Azimuth Tool Use an aerial image of your building to estimate roof azimuth without being on-site.
Annual Insolation See how annual insolation varies vs. azimuth and tilt for locations in the US.
Compound Angle Tool Simplify the true azimuth and adjusted tilt calculations of tilted modules on sloped rooftops with this downloadable "compound angle" calculator.

Informational Videos

PVA-600: Intro to I-V Curve Measurements

PVA-600: Setting up the Software and Model

PVA-600: Measurements and Results

SunEye-210 Introduction


Windows desktop companion software, supports SunEye models 100, 110, and 210. Software includes PV Designer. Software includes PV Designer (licensed separately, 30 day trial also included). Can be installed on Windows computers running: XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Download current SunEye software for Windows PC's (version 4.90.8430)
This version will read all previous sessions captured with any SunEye model.

SunEye Application Release Notes

CAUTION Windows 8 users: For the first installation of SunEye on Windows 8, it may be necessary to plug in the SunEye BEFORE starting the software installation. This should cause Windows to automatically install a driver and connectivity software (Windows Mobile Device Center, aka WMDC). This may take a few minutes. Once WMDC is installed if it does not open automatically, launch it from the Settings screen. applications in Windows 8 and it should display a license agreement, then connect to the SunEye. DO NOT CONFIGURE WMDC. After successful connection, you must start or restart the SunEye software installation. If you upgraded to Windows 8 from an earlier version on which SunEye software was installed previously installed, you may see a RAPI.dll error when launching the SunEye program. You should reinstall Microsoft's Windows Mobile Device Center via the links below under "Device Connectivity Software". Make sure you select the correct 32 or 64 bit version.

SunEye Documentation: Solmetric SunEyeTM 210 Users Guide
English (PDF) | German (PDF) | French (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Italian (PDF) | Japanese (PDF) |

SunEye Extension Kit Quick Start Guide
(PDF) (PDF only in English) |

Solmetric SunEyeTM 110 Users Guide
English (PDF) | German (PDF) | French (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Italian (PDF) |

Solmetric SunEyeTM 110 Quick Start Guides (includes all available languages)
SunEye 110 QSG (PDF) | SunEye 110 GPS QSG (PDF) |

SunEye Software Sample Results (exports)
SunEye Software Sample Results (exports) html shade report or pdf shade report . For GPS model SunEyes, click here to see a sample KMZ output file in Google Earth. Google Earth must be installed for this link to function. Download Google Earth here .

Notes on Solmetric PV Designer Software
To download an example "Summary PDF" report, click Example Summary PDF . To download a copy of the PV Designer User's Guide in English click PV Designer User's Guide (English) .

Device connectivity software (reinstallation required after Windows 8 upgrade
Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista: Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 - version 32 bits.
Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista users: Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 - 64-bit version

Other components (install only if directed by technical support)
Access the database engine.

Our partners

Solutions Énergies is our online store, which offers solar kits, wind power kits and Victron products for access to renewable energy in autonomy or in self-consumption. Solar panels, wind turbines, converters, inverters and accessories.

Solmetric was founded in 2005 and has extensive experience in the solar installation industry and in the development of high precision measuring and measuring tools. Its award-winning "SunEye" is considered the best mask analysis tool.


Sud Concept is a recognized player in the renewable energy market, specialist in heat pumps (PAC), photovoltaic panels wind, hybrid or they focus on comfort with their air conditioning and lighting solutions.

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